The Paper Cinema’s ‘West’

image-2Man, I love Bristol…

Last week, I worked and performed locally with The Paper Cinema. Our newest piece ‘West’ was based on and in my home town Bristol, devised in just one week on Spike Island.

We collaborated with a selection of Bristol based artists and musicians to create one of the most surreal and beautiful pieces of live animation I’ve ever seen/been a part of. Artists who joined The Paper Cinema’s Nicholas Rawling and Imogen Charleston were Joe Roberts, Catherine Whyte, Dave Bain, Lisa Yardley and Becca Rose.

I also had the pleasure of working with musician Will Newsome who’s unique talents in playing the kora charmed us instantly. Will, Chris Reed (The Paper Cinema’s musical director)Β and I spent the week composing the soundtrack for ‘West’ (which I believe may appear in recorded form soon to a computer near you!).Β Here’s a snippet of an improv we did on our first day together:


Instruments included prepared kora (oh my…!), accordian, piano, guitar, drums and the company’s trusty Kaos Pad. Also featured in the soundtrack were some field recordings of Bristol sounds collected by Chris and good friend Ollie Hall (The Binaural Diaries), including one our local ferries and some birds singing along to the sound of speeding traffic.

The lovely Josh Gaunt from Workshops n’ Docs has been putting together a documentary of the project – we look forward to seeing his work!

CLICK HERE for more pics of ‘WEST’